Rules for posting ads on job boards

Last updated : February 7, 2024

We implement strict quality control of posted ads using an automatic filtering system and additional moderator verification. The ad is verified by a moderator after payment. JCat reserves the right to refuse posting of an ad and issue a full refund.

1. Vacancies must be worded in accordance with the requirements for the mandatory fields (otherwise, JCat reserves the right to unilaterally change the information in the ad to make it comply with the requirements without notifying the client)

  • All information must be reliable: no meaningless set of words or symbols are allowed in any of the ad fields.
  • All required fields (marked with ‘*’) must be filled in.
  • Position in the vacancy must correspond to the content of the vacancy.
  • Information in the “Vacancy Description” field must be clearly structured and include professional requirements for the applicant, job responsibilities, and working conditions.
  • The renumeration offered in the vacancy must be real. It is not allowed to indicate intentionally undervalued or overvalued renumeration.
  • It is not allowed to insert HTML code and links in any of the ad fields.
  • Upper case (CapsLock) is allowed for semantic blocks design in the ad text.
  • It is not allowed to indicate the following in the position and text fields:
    • Phone number,
    • E-mail,
    • Website address, and
    • Repeating characters "!!!", "***---***"
  • Contact information (phone number, website address, e-mail, etc.) is allowed only in the appropriate fields of the order. The contact information must be reliable. If you provide incorrect contact information or unavailable contacts, the posting of the ad may be suspended. In this case, the License fee for the remaining number of posting days paid for the relevant ad shall be returned to the Licensee.
  • JCAT reserves the unconditional right to refuse ad posting on job boards without explanations. In this case, the License fee paid for the relevant ad shall be returned to the Licensee.

2. General rules for posting vacancies

  • Vacancies are posted only by direct employers; no posting through intermediaries is allowed.
  • The job title must contain only information relevant to the job position. Information such as advertising slogans, company, product or service names, streets, subway stations, and type of employment you are hiring for should be included in the vacancy text (the “Conditions” field).
  • One ad is one vacancy.
  • No posting of duplicate vacancies is allowed.
  • Selected industries must match the vacancy title and description.
  • The vacancy description must include the requirements, responsibilities, and working conditions with as much details as possible. It is not allowed to use common phrases that do not provide an insight of the job.
  • It is not allowed to list the requirements of the candidate that are not related to professional qualities (citizenship, gender, age, nationality, appearance, etc.).

3. Company description

  • The company description must contain clear information about the company field of activities.
  • It is not allowed to list the employer’s contact information in the company description field.